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Omar Yassin

Battle-Tested Trial Attorney

There’s really no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to hiring an attorney. In Pasadena, California, attorney Omar Yassin at Yassin Law has extensive experience in trial, including taking on new clients with tough business disputes after other efforts for resolution were not successful. With over 25 years of practice and a consistent trial background, he has a strong command of California business litigation and trial-work.

If you’re looking for someone to solve problems where others can’t, turn to Pasadena trial attorney Omar Yassin. Learn more about his background:

Holistic Business Dispute Trial Lawyer

Mr. Yassin has spent his career finding solutions for clients. He starts by getting to know you, the facts, the basis of your dispute and your goals and desires. Then, he uses his unparalleled skill and knowledge to help you achieve a successful resolutions. His meticulous pleadings and briefs, diligence both in and out of the courtroom and attention and devotion to his clients makes him a more than worthy ally in any type of litigation. He can serve as counselor, adviser, ally and litigator, whatever the situation demands.

As a family man, Mr. Yassin also understands that these matters can have a deeply personal impact on you, regardless of the nature of the dispute. When you work with him, you’re treated like a person with goals and desires, not just a case number. Mr. Yassin’s goal is always to help you find the most favorable resolution to your problems within the regulations of the law. With thorough, consistent communication and personal attention, you can feel secure and confident under his care.

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