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Omar Yassin

Reliable Southern California Real Estate Representation

The firm of Yassin Law, APC, combines skill and experience in litigation with a deep understanding and knowledge of real estate law. Real estate lawyer Omar Yassin, in Pasadena, California, is well-equipped to assist with all legal matters related to commercial real estate and real estate broker representation. He can help you successfully resolve any disputes and make you feel confident and secure in your litigation. For real estate brokers. Mr. Yassin has earned a reputation for his thoroughness in closings, real estate broker disputes and other legal matters that real estate professionals may encounter.

If you’re trying to navigate a real estate legal matter, turn to Pasadena real estate attorney Omar Yassin for experience-backed, thorough help in obtaining the best possible outcome for your issue.

What California Real Estate Lawyer Omar Yassin Provides

Mr. Yassin has over 25 years of experience in real estate litigation matters. He is a well-versed trial attorney who regularly appears in court. Business owners and brokers throughout California trust him with their legal issues in the world of real estate, especially concerning:

  • Real estate broker representation – Mr. Yassin offers a variety of services to real estate agents and brokers, from contract disputes to commission issues. He can also be of assistance in ensuring on-time, legally secure closings.
  • Commercial lease disputes – He is a skilled litigator in all types of commercial lease disputes, from matters involving evictions to landlord responsibility failures. Mr. Yassin can also help navigate issues involving breaches of commercial buy-sell agreements.

Mr. Yassin is a skilled litigator with years of knowledge and a true passion for representing his clients. He will take the time to truly understand your situation, the facts and what your goals are in litigation. He won’t let your company suffer under an unresolved dispute. Mr. Yassin has a knack for resolutions, and he prides himself on representing his clients successfully so they can continue running their companies unencumbered by disputes.

Find Out More About How Experience Matters In Southern California Real Estate Law Issues

If you’re looking for a real estate attorney who can truly help smooth real estate closings, as well as resolve issues and disputes, contact Mr. Yassin at Yassin Law today. Use the online contact form or call the real estate law firm in Pasadena at 626-699-5263 to set up an appointment to learn more about how he can help.