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Omar Yassin

Experience-Backed Real Estate Broker Representation

Yassin Law, APC and Mr. Omar Yassin provide a number of services to help real estate agents and brokers navigate legal matters that can impact their jobs and livelihoods. The world of real estate can be complicated. Mr. Yassin is here to help brokers and real estate agents resolve disputes of all kinds so they can focus on performing their jobs.

What Real Estate Broker Legal Services Does The Firm Offer?

Real estate agents and brokers can face a variety of disputes in their jobs. Mr. Yassin has the skill, experience and knowledge to help resolve any number of these disputes. Some of the most common issues faced include:

  • Commission disputes – Including matters involving payment of commission when an agent leaves a firm or a brokerage quits operating. Mr. Yassin can also help navigate matters involving receiving a commission when a property owner or landlord defaults.
  • Contract disputes – Assistance in review, negotiating and resolving disputes related to commercial lease agreements. Mr. Yassin’s experience in and out of court can help in litigation and the successful resolution of any contract disputes related to buying or selling commercial property.
  • Closings – Mr. Yassin can provide guidance and representation to help with efficient, legally sound and on-time closings. He can work closely with the many parties involved in this process to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

The firm and Mr. Yassin provides a variety of help to brokers and real estate agents navigating the intricacies of real estate law. With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Yassin is well-prepared to help in many different situations. He is passionate about resolutions, with the goal of helping his clients find the most favorable outcomes to their situations.

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