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Omar Yassin

Skill In Resolving Southern California Commercial Lease Disputes

A commercial lease is essentially a contract. And all contracts come with the risk of dispute. But with the right commercial real estate litigation lawyer on your side, you can rest assured your interests are protected. The firm of Yassin Law, in Pasadena, California, has a skilled, knowledgeable attorney in Mr. Omar Yassin. He has spent his career in the courtroom. His regular litigation practice, 25 years of experience and true passion for assisting his clients, can help you resolve any commercial lease disputes quickly and efficiently.

Types Of Commercial Lease Disputes

Most lease disputes fall under the umbrella of contract disputes and are often litigated similarly, as a breach of contract. A few of the more common lease disputes that arise include:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Rent past due recovery
  • Commercial eviction
  • Failure to maintain property or make repairs
  • Failure to deliver possession of the premises on schedule

In California, both landlords and tenants in commercial property have considerable rights and both need to seek well-qualified legal representation to protect their interests during a dispute. These are just a few examples of the matters Mr. Yassin can help resolve under the scope of a commercial real estate lease dispute issue. He is well-versed and well-equipped to take on even the most difficult and critical of commercial lease disputes.

Learn More About Litigating Your Commercial Lease Dispute

If you’re seeking help navigating a commercial lease dispute, contact real estate attorney Omar Yassin for help today. Use the online contact form or call the law firm in Pasadena at 626-699-5263 to set up an appointment to get more information. Real estate lawyer Omar Yassin represents clients throughout Southern California.