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Omar Yassin

Soundly Resolving California Trade Secret Disputes

One of a company’s most valuable assets are its trade secrets. Intellectual property is the core of any company, and protecting trade secrets is of paramount importance. When these are put in jeopardy, it’s crucial to work with an experienced attorney who understands how to contest or defend trade secret disputes successfully and efficiently. Mr. Omar Yassin has years of experience as a trial lawyer. His experience in commercial and business litigation is invaluable to clients of the law firm. Yassin Law, APC, in Pasadena, California, can help with these matters.

What To Know About Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secret disputes can be even more detailed and factually challenging than other types of business litigation in Southern California. Trade secrets and their associated value are a critical part of any company and their economic impact cannot be understated. As such, trade secrets and intellectual property are often the target of fraudulent trade secret misappropriation or otherwise inappropriate corporate activity like theft — especially with employee mobility as a potential trade secret threat. A trade secret dispute can derail a company if not well-litigated. Trade secret disputes are a large concern for many companies.

What Is Involved In Identifying Trade Secrets?

However, first, you must understand what constitutes a trade secret. There are three main components:

  • Information has “actual or potential independent economic value of not being generally known”
  • Information has value to others who cannot “legitimately” learn it
  • Information must be subject to “reasonable efforts” to be kept confidential

If the information meets these criteria and has been somehow misappropriated or wrongfully taken, a trade secret dispute can arise.

Call If You Are Facing A Trade Secret Dispute

Trade secret disputes especially require a practiced hand to litigate. You need to work with someone who has regular trial experience, an eye for detail and a true passion for litigation and his clients. Contact Mr. Yassin to find out more about how he can help you litigate these disputes and pursue successful resolutions. Use the online contact form or call 626-699-5263 to schedule an initial consultation.