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Omar Yassin

Deeply Experienced Southern California Business Litigation Lawyer

Not all attorneys spend a great deal of time in the courtroom — litigating. And not all attorneys truly understand how to resolve disputes before a judge or jury. When it comes to your business and hotly contested disputes — especially when other methods fail — you need to work with a skilled, experienced litigator who regularly goes to trial.

Business litigation matters are complex and require a seasoned professional. Mr. Omar Yassin of Yassin Law in Pasadena, California, has the aptitude and history of practice you need to pursue successful resolutions.

Thorough Preparation And Unmatched Skill in Commercial And Business Litigation

A fine attention to detail and meticulous preparation are key in resolving all manner of business disputes, both of which are a strength of Mr. Yassin’s. This paired with his consistent appearances in the courtroom and decades of experience mean Mr. Yassin is the business litigation attorney you need to find the solution that’s going to work for you and your company. He will represent you with confidence and tenacity.

He can help you to navigate the business dispute resolution process across the spectrum of business litigation issues from contract disputes to intellectual property theft, fraud, shareholder or partnership problems, commercial lease litigation and more. Mr. Yassin is also well-versed in intellectual property disputes involving company trade secrets, as well as matters involving violations of fiduciary duties. Business disputes can put the future of your company on the line. But having the right representation, someone who understands how to resolve problems and legal issues, can make all the difference.

With experienced representation on your side, you can be one step ahead, ready to make crucial decisions and set up for the best opportunities for success in business and commercial litigation.

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