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Omar Yassin

A Skilled Trial Attorney To Resolve Shareholder And Partnership Disputes

The success of a company often depends on the relationships its created on. But unfortunately, people don’t always agree or perform the way they have agreed upon. When this happens, the help of a skilled, experienced business litigation attorney is crucial. Navigating shareholder and partnership disputes requires a delicate, practiced hand. Mr. Omar Yassin of Yassin Law, in Pasadena, California, is not only skilled, with years of experience litigating internal business disputes, but thorough, meticulous and passionate about helping his clients find meaningful resolutions.

What To Know About Partnership And Shareholder Disputes

There are many ways shareholders and partners can disagree when it comes to running a business. But some of these disputes are more serious than others and cannot be resolved without the help of the law and an attorney. A few of the primary forms of disputes between partners and shareholders include:

  • Breach of partnership agreement or shareholder operating agreement – These are also often considered contractual disputes, or can include breaches of obligations related to decision making, buy/sell disputes, allocation of profits and other aspects of internal business agreements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty – Relating to acts contrary to the best interests of the company or partnership agreements in reference to the fiduciary duty, or holding of the finances of the company in good faith
  • Fraud or embezzlement – Can involve asset misappropriation, forgery, theft, embezzling or other scams
  • Tortious interference with the business or partnership – Occurs when a third party influences or otherwise unfairly interferes with the partnership or business, contractually or otherwise
  • Unjust enrichment – Generally refers to uncompensated or otherwise unfair retaining of benefits received at one party’s expense

These are just a few more common forms of matters that lead to partnership and shareholder disputes. Mr. Yassin can help navigate and resolve any number of these matters. His primary goal is always to find the most favorable solutions on behalf of his clients, so they can continue to successfully operate.

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